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I have two blogs on Tumblr. Let's call them and

A while ago I decided to make my main blog, but since grew more popular, I decided to merge these sites together.

What I have done is this: I've created a blank page on, put a full sized iframe with as source, and a jquery redirect script in that redirects to

I'm wondering if this would impact my site negatively? Will search engines see as a blank site (iframes are ignored?) and as a spam site because it redirects to a blank one?

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IFrames are completely ignored by search engines, then will look as a blank page. All content inside the IFrame belongs to a different site. Using IFrames will not hurt but your pages will never get ranked because they will be blank pages.

Doing javascript/jquery redirect might look as a sneaky redirect, you are sending to a different page in a different site, that'll hurt, so I'll not do that. Check this post on Google Webmaster Tools content guidelines. Are you redirecting only your's homepage to's homepage? or are you redirecting every single page on to it's "equivalent" in The former will not look good to search engines, the ladder will be worst.

Maybe you can use "syndication" to reproduce part or whole of your content from into, but you need to give attribution back to the source (, and that can be accomplished using rel=canonical and linking back to using anchors. It might sound like duplicate content, but it will not count as duplicate because you'll be telling bots what's your content source. Also note, pages using syndicated content might not get listed in SERPs because it's source might be more authoritative.

That way you'll have something like: You can include part or whole page content from into and give proper attribution to the source. Include <link rel="canonical" href=""/> inside's page header, and include <a href=""> wherever you want to let visitors and spiders know your content source.

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