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I have one old domain that points to a website's server's ip (let's call it www.oldsite.com). I have a new one, www.newsite.com, that is set up to be forwarded to a specific page on the website. Due to the way the host of newsite.com places the website in a frame, in Google Analystics, the newsite.com is listed as a source rather than the source they were at before hand, causing a self referral. A solution is to edit the code of the iframe as I looked up, but there's no way to really edit the host's masking source code of course.

Another solution I did previously was have www.newsite.com point to the address that www.oldsite.come pointed to. It solved the analytics problems, but in exchange, the url masking no longer worked. In the address bar, it came up as www.oldsite.com.

Is there a way to make me have url masking and be able to forward to agree with google analytics? The server of the website is hosted on a cloud server, if this is anymore information.

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Do you have the possibility of adding an htaccess an any kind of php file? If I get you right you basically want to move your site from one domain name to another, right? – Christoph Daum Jun 29 '14 at 5:16

You would need to serve this content from the new domain name:

  • copy the content
  • change the Google Analytics tracking snippet in it
  • point the new domain at it
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