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Is it bad to use info@mydomain.com as the sender and receiver for bulk email newsletters? Would it be better to use, for example newsletter@mydomain.com. I realise there are many factors that effect the spam score but ceteris paribus would this have an effect? Would some spam filters give info@ a negative rating or should I not be to concerned about this?

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Would it be better to use, for example newsletter@mydomain.com

Yes, using newsletter@mydomain.com would be a better choice. The reasons are:

  • As covered here, using the prefix newsletter is more descriptive and contextual - it helps convey the content of the message to the recipient, whereas info is too generic to convey anything.

  • Spammers often target generic info@mydomain.com email addresses, adding it to the from address as well as to the list of to addresses, so when spam email gets rejected, sometimes the from address will end up in the spam complaint or blocked by ISP's and network servers.

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Thanks for your useful answer, I will stop using info@ for newsletters. – stemie Oct 9 '13 at 6:47
No problem - something more descriptive might increase the number of opens as well. – dan Oct 9 '13 at 21:24

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