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If I use phpmyadmin's "SQL" function to input a query by hand, I usually have an option to export the query's result. There is a link named "Export" in the area titled "Query results operations".

But if I use a very long query (for example with a long list of IDs), the export link is missing, the entire Query results operations area is empty.

I have acertained that this issue relates to the actual length of the query. The number of rows returned is not the problem.

In earlier versions of phpmyadmin, the link used to be replaced by a button when the query became too long for a link. I think there is a limit to character length of a GET request, I suspect that this is the reason for phpmyadmin not to display the link.

How can I re-enable this?

I know that I can use the command line to run and export queries, but many of my co-workers are not capable to do so, but are still required to run and export queries once in a while.

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dude use good tools like SQL Pro or MySQL Browser, phpmyadmin is dead –  HugeNut Sep 24 '13 at 8:09

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