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I found a WordPress plugin created a rel="canonical" error in a section of my site. This error caused lower pages to point to the main page via a rel="canonical". I fixed the error 3 weeks ago and removed rel="canonical" from my site.

However, Google will not seem to index the lower pages that had the rel="canonical"error.

Am I just doomed with getting these lower pages indexed now that my rel="canonical" error originally told Google these pages were duplicates of the main page?

I even submitted that whole section of the site to be recrawled in Webmaster Tools but Google will not index the lower pages.

Anyone have any other tips I should follow?

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It might just be a matter of time until Google crawls and indexes them without rel="canonical", but the following might help:

Then periodically check for the URLs using site:mydomain.com/url (it can take up to weeks).

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