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Is there a wordpress like platform for publishing code documentation? I have an API I'm publishing internally and I want to add documentation like jQuery or Kendo do, and I'm wondering if they just have homegrown solutions for displaying their documentation or if there are solutions (free and paid) out there.

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Hey Matt, I get what you're asking, there are a few WordPress templates and plugins which turn the site into article directories such as wpexplorer.com/article-directory-wordpress-theme But they may be more than what you need. Let's look at the jQuery API main page. Left side in WP would be categories showing sub-cats. Click a category you see a list of Posts within that category which can be a custom post type with a custom template. There are lots of Syntax Highlighters available to displays the code. If you want more help drop me a line bit.ly/UHR2WS – Anagio Sep 24 '13 at 6:22

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