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I've changed the meta description tag in many of my site pages. Should I select Fetch as Google->Fetch->Add to Index->URL and all linked pages in GWT?

Will Google recrawl the whole site faster than it'd normally?

This option can be used maximum of 10 times in a month. Can there be any side affects when doing this way in case only a few of site pages have changed?

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It depends how much in a hurry you are... If you can wait, it will happen naturally next time google crawls you (you can estimate by doing google search for site:yoursite.com, and clicking on "cached" to see when it crawled you last time, and extrapolate. Or be more sure by looking at your access logs for googlebot)

If you are sure you haven't messed up (recheck via rich snippets tool), do submit refetch - it will get your content faster. But still be prepared to wait some days for results to start showing up (and they won't show up all at once...)

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