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What are the popular web statistic scripts/web log analyzers? I'm searching for popular web statistic scripts like wusage, WebStat or WebAlizer.

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Try Analog or Awstat.

Another solution is Pion Core. This is the open source edition of the Pion analytics platform. However, it's more of a general-purpose analytics platform (which includes packet sniffing analytics), not just a log analyzer. It has log analyzing capabilities though.

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Google Analytics is far and above the most popular.

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Thank you, but I'm interested in scripts that are installed on host side. – Alexey Kalmykov Nov 9 '10 at 22:20

I thought webtrends was the big boys in this market. Remember they became a part of NetIQ then split off agian?

Most people now use a hosted service such as GA, CrazyEgg.com, or GetClicky.com Its a lot more convenient for someone in management to access these reports, then to pay for a licence of software to install on your hardware.

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