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I am new into python programming. 1st is was a php developer. Learnt php by poking around the internet. now in my collage course most of the course are based on python or java. So i thought to Get myself into python. As i am new into python web development i noticed that there are many ways to do this job like doing CGI code, use mod_python in apache , use a MVC framework like Django etc. As i developed a php chatting server for my collage usage it received more then 1000 page requests per second. Now i want to convert my php project into a python website. So, What technology should i use? Which one is more fast? Secure? Please tell me which one to use and explain me why?

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for a chat server in python, i'd look into twisted -- it's probably going to be the most performant option. it's event-driven, and supports the protocols you'll need out of the box. i'd be surprised if there's a better choice than this.

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