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A client owns example1.com but wants to also purchase example2.com and have it point to their original site at example1.com. No problem there. But they also want any emails going to example2.com to be forwarded to their counter parts at example1.com

Eg: if someone emails info@example2.com it will be forwarded to info@example1.com

They only way I can think of doing this at the moment is to set up host for example2.com and then set up mail forwarders in cpanel. But this seems a bit excessive and costly.

Does anyone know another, cheaper way of doing this?

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This is how I go about this, when I migrated away from a hosted setup to my private VPS with Sendmail


The virtusertable looks like this,

jdoe@virtualdomain.tld     jdoe@gmail.com

See my blog post (linked above) for all the details, it's been working great now for well over 3-years.

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Most mail servers support "virtual alias domains". This feature allows them to deliver mail from one domain to the accounts at another domain. It is commonly used for different TLDs owned by the same company (example.com and example.org) or for misspellings (example.com and exemple.com).

According to this thread you can set this up in cpanel.

in cPanel-> Mail-> Forwarders:

Forward All Email for a Domain In addition to forwarding individual mail accounts, you can forward all email from one domain to another

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