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On my Plesk 11 server I have a subscription with .com address. In this subscription I have added several domains for other top level domains (TLDs), they all point to the httpdocs directory of the .com website. This way I can have one website, multiple languages, based on the TLD.

For the .com domain my customer uses a cloud email service which is configured in the DNS records. The other TLDs e-mail services are configured on the Plesk server.

So far so good.

When a customer, by example somebody@domain.co.uk uses the SMTP service on the Plesk server to send a mail to somebody@domain.com the mail is stuck/rejected by the Plesk server because the account does not exists, which is true (on the Plesk server). The mail is not send out, what would be the solution because there is an external cloud server which is working perfectly(*).

I tried changing the MX record for the domain.com server by pointing it directly to the external cloud or Exchange server but that is not working, it still is rejected.

(*) One important thing to know is that all the domains are registered outside of the Plesk environment. When the client is using another SMTP server (not Plesk related) it is working like it should be. Mails send through the Plesk SMTP server are getting stuck because it tries to deliver it internally to non existing pop boxes.

I am desperate. I cannot switch off the mail service because all the other TLDs are using it. I definitely do not want to split all TLDs in separate subscriptions because then I have to maintain multiple websites in stead of one multilingual one.

Does anyone has a trick left?

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