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I have written a .asmx web service that I have gotten to work on GoDaddy, hosted in IIS. I now need to get this web service to be available to the public in IIS, but from our local web server in the office.

I have done some research and am going to attempt to do what I am about to post, but I would appreciate it if some pro webmasters could scan over my steps and steer me in the right direction!

Steps to making .asmx webservice public: (I am already at the point where I can type the servers IP address and access the web service locally within the network, but not from outside)

Note - This web service needs to be secure SSL https. There is credit card information and other valuable data.

1) Port Forwarding - Enable port forwarding. Since it needs to be secure, forward through port 443.

2) Add a SSL certificate to the site (already did this by adding certificate in IIS)

These steps seem to be pretty straight forward, but here is what I am concerned about:

a) The Server itself has its own name/ip address, and already hosted in it is an application called "On Time", an application for people strictly within the company locally. I don't want this to be affected at all / no public access

b) Can i make just the webservice within the server public, or is it the whole site/server that becomes public? (can you pick and choose certain sites/apps to be public, and some stay private?)

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