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I am the owner of a third-level .name domain of form subdomain.example.name. The .name domain hierarchy is somewhat unusual in that generally one registers a third-level domain such as mine, rather than a second-level domain (Wikipedia explains this in more detail). Thus no one actually owns example.name nor is it available for registration, and I have full control over subdomain.example.name.

I recently got a free StartSSL certificate, but was disappointed to find out that the domain name validation process does not handle third-level domains. I'm willing to pay for a certificate from another authority if I must, but I'd hate to do so only to find after the fact that I can't use it with my domain.

Will any certificate authority validate third-level .name domains like mine? (I'm not interested in discussing the overall relative merits of one authority over another, only whether any of them satisfy this specific criterion.)

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It seems my question is on hold as "asking to recommend a tool, library or favorite offsite resource." But in fact I'm not asking for a preferred or favorite one, or a recommendation: I'm asking for any resource satisfying the description of "certificate authority that validates third-level .name domains." This seems sufficiently controversy-free since it isn't a matter of opinion as to whether a certificate authority does or does not provide this service. – Ian Aug 10 '13 at 20:26