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I'm in the process of deploying my first website which is written is ASP.NET. I need to run a server side script at set intervals during the day which updates a database even if there is nobody using the site.

I was led to believe that using Windows task scheduler would be the best option but now I've joined a hosting company the layout is not really how I was expecting. It's a shared hosting with basic FTP and no apparent built in task scheduler.

The hosting company support is not very good and haven't been able to advise how I could do this so hoped to get help here on options before I consider changing company. [The hosting company starts with 1 and ends with 1 :)]

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From windows scheduler alternative for an asp.net webform application which is shared hosting on StackOverflow posted by this. __curious_geek:

You can write a windows service which will call your application url over a given period of time recurrently. Install and run this service from your personal computer or any other computer that you is mostly [almost 24x7] online.

Another way to this is use website uptime checking services. They call your URL at an interval. There are many free and paid services.

From Windows Shared hosting - custom scheduled task on StackOverflow posted by GvS

Jeff Atwood has created blog entry on this. In short:

  • Add an item to the cache
  • Make it expire on your wanted interval
  • Add a trigger to execute when the cache expires
  • Re-add your item in the trigger
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