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If I type my own domain into the Firefox address bar it will suggest that I may have mistyped it and offer to "protect me" by redirecting to a large commercial website which is the same as my own domain but with one vowel removed.

If I check the Google Safe Browsing diagnostic page there is "nothing suspicious" about my domain. I do not get the big red "malware" page, only a suggestion that I have mistyped something.

What criteria is Firefox using to make this recommendation?

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Have you checked your computer for malware? This is very common for malware to do. Try 2 different anti-virus scanners for the best results. At work, we use AVG Free and Malwarebytes – Mister Dood Jul 23 '13 at 5:26

Turns out this is the "typo correction" feature of Adblock Plus. Reading the source code shows that it is loading some kind of database from urlfixer.org. Their database seems to be built from user contributions, although comments in a blog post suggest it was seeded by "popularity". So this has nothing to do with my own URL and everything to do with it being close (by Levenshtein distance) to a popular online commerce site.

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