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I want to view on site by disabling CSS, I don't want open each page and through Firebug to disable it. Any suggestions?

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Pro Webmasters is for questions about sites you control. Questions about how to make browsers work the way you want are a better fit for Super User. In this case, a similar question has already been asked and answered on that site. See: superuser.com/questions/137529/… – Stephen Ostermiller Jul 12 '13 at 11:54
@StephenOstermiller - Actually this is a common practise for web-developers and designers, to check web-accessibility, I myself use it frequently. – martinstoeckli Jul 12 '13 at 12:12
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If you are using Firefox it's very easy. Just press the Alt key to get the traditional main menu, then select View/Website-style/No style. The titles could be a little different, because I translated them from my localized browser.

For IE users it is almost the same: press the Alt key to get the main menu, and select View/Format/No format.

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Hi Martin,ur answer worked best for me,tried above plugins but could not make them workout – Vijay kudal Jul 18 '13 at 10:55

This has been asked at Stack Overflow and a similar question was asked at Super User. Here is a summary of the best answers:

Chandu Venjaramood: If the Web Dev Toolbar is installed, people can use this keyboard shortcuts: Command + Shift + S (Mac) and Control + Shift + S (Win)

yakunins: Install Adblock Plus, then add *.css rule in Filters options (custom filters tab). The method affect only on external stylesheets. It doesn't turn off inline styles.

Isxek: This Firefox Accessibility Extension allows you to turn off CSS when needed, and it also allows users to utilize their own stylesheet if needed.

ZTD: ...use Stylish (for Firefox or Chrome). Then get Stylish-Custom. ... You can set rules where any particular CSS file will turn on/off depending on what site you are currently viewing.

barfoon: ...[use] the personalized web extension for Chrome to accomplish this. It can block images/CSS for an entire domain every time you visit it.

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Try a text only browser like links, w3m or lynx

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