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I am looking for a payment taking solution which does not require my hosting to be PCI compliant. A really nice looking method is that offered by eway (Rapid 3.0) or Authorize.net (Direct Post Method).

I was first shown eway by a colleague which is how I found that, and then two hours later I was able to find the solution offered by Authorize.net. The problem I'm having, there seems to be no "name" for this type of payment solution. Searching for "Direct Post Method" (sensible name for it I feel) seems to return results very closely related to Authorize.net, suggesting it is a term coined by them.

I won't ask for alternative solutions (I'm happy to spend time researching) but I will ask if anyone knows more about the process and what might help me find other competitors to compare against.

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direct post method does sum up what it does nicely –  John Conde Jul 10 '13 at 15:40
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