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I run a coupons and deals website in a niche market, and I'm in the process of adding a questions and answers section to it.

Based on my research, I found popular websites that use either subdomains or subdirectories for the Q & A forum section of their site. What I want to know is, which is a better option, and if there are any advantages of using one over the other?

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There is a difference between Q&A and a forum. Generally speaking, Q&A is good for facts, data, and science. A forum is good for more traditional, open ended discussion. Sounds like you're seeking the latter. –  mikey_w Jul 7 '13 at 18:21

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Subdomains do make it a little clearer for users which part of the site they're on (apart from breadcrumbs). For example, compare:




With Google, you won't see any advantage in SEO with one over the other as of late. See this for more about that: Subdomains vs. subdirectories for SEO: No SERP benefits for subdomains anymore

Therefore, it's really a matter of preference and manageability, since you'll have to create the subdomain and set the Q & A forum to run under it. But it may be quicker for users to identify that they're on the Q&A portion of the site, as well as recognize this in SERP by looking at the URL.

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