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I’m handling two websites in my company and both have more than 18,000 backlinks (I checked it through my GWT) and most of the links are coming from a Blogspot blog. I checked each and every backlink and I found that one particular blog contains most of our links.

That blog has been handled by our colleague and he had posted more than 1080 posts. Each and every post contains my website’s link. That blog is related to cricket and mine is about boxing and track and field. At the end of each post my links have been placed by comma separation which looks odd for me because all the posts are related to cricket and mine is about boxing and track and field.

He placed anchor texts as Boxing gloves and Athletic Gear in the last line of each post and from that anchor text my website has been getting backlink.

After Google Last penguin 2.0 update I found that both of my websites lost ranking on Google. All my main keywords gone to 100th page (before Penguin update they were on first two pages) including Boxing Gloves and Athletic Gear.

Now my doubt is about the backlinks from that Blogspot blog. Did Google penalize my site because of that backlinks (interlinking around same company website and blog)? Does inbound links from cricket related page to boxing page is a link spam?

See this image for more info:

enter image description here

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In my opinion, if the proportion of backlinks from this website is 1080 over 18000, there is no reason why Google penalized you for this. Moreover, even if the subject of the two websites are not very related, they are about sports both.

In the worst case, it considers these links as low weigth for PageRank because they are all in the same website but I don't think so.

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