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Bit of a strange one: an account I'm looking at appears to be set up incorrectly and I'm trying to puzzle through what implications it has for existing data in Google Analytics.

Here's the setup: it's somewhat like a white label service so there are multiple domains but the URIs are all the same across all domains. However, all of them are using the same account number (no rollup is setup).

To explain further:

site1.com links to subdomain.site1.com

site2.com links to subdomain.site2.com

site3.com links to subdomain.site3.com

there is also a mainsite.com which is the stated name of the URL in google analytics.

All of the subdomain.siteX.com sites and mainsite.com are using the same GA account number. And the URIs (everything after "/") are the same across sites.

What implications does this have? If someone goes to subdomain.site1.com and navigates to 3 pages all on the subdomain.site1.com site, will that show up as 3 different visits all with the referrer of subdomain.site1.com? What will happen to funnel views?

Any thoughts on how this affects behavior of reporting would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Do people navigate from one domain to the other? –  eduardocereto Jun 24 '13 at 18:24
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