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How can I know the hours of a day in which my site is the busiest from Google Analytics?

I need the graph to take data from last week's visits and show the sum of visits for every hour of the day.

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  1. Select last week's date range in the drop down box in the upper right hand corner of Google Analytics.

  2. Click 'Audience' to the left on the toolbar and your visitors will show up by the 'day' measurement.

  3. Finally, underneath the date range drop down you will see four buttons (hourly, day, week, month). Select the 'hourly' button and you should have a perfect view of visits by hour of the date range specified.

Here is an image of what your Google Analytics screen should look like with the applied changes. The buttons to click are highlighted in blue for you.

enter image description here

Hint: Drag the image to a new browser tab to view in full-size.

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