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This may seem like an open-ended question without a definite answer, but in light of the fact that I am committed to using Microsoft technology (ASP.NET) would it be adequate to use their authentication/membership system, or should I roll my own? I have some work experience in building and maintaining a "roll-your-own" system in ASP.NET, and I could do one if push came to shove. But there might be economies in using Microsoft's since there would be the benefit of much smarter programmers than I having contributed to a mature product.

No, I am completely opposed to some other technology, like found on the LAMP stack. I am going to go completely Microsoft.

All I need is a yes or no, and if no, then explain why you think so. Assume I could build a "good enough" security system, and under that assumption is the Microsoft system likely to be very superior? Thanks!

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