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I have a sitemap file that has been submitted to Google, and has been processed, according to Google Webmaster Tools.

As per GWT for 2013-05-31, 8255 web-pages are submitted, but only 8209 are indexed.

Which 46 of the 8255 pages are not indexed?

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ThompsonPaul wrote on moz.com about figuring out which pages are not indexed. Here is a summary of what he has to say:

  • There is no easy way or single tool to get this data for you
  • You can get a partial list of which pages are indexed using the a site: search on Google. You can use a bookmarklet grab the search results into a list more easily.
  • Remove these URLs that you know are indexed from the list of pages in your sitemap. You are left with a list of potentially not indexed URLs.
  • The remaining URLs can be checked individually to see if they are indexed.

Clearly this is a manual and time consuming task that isn't going to work well if you site has more than thousands of pages.

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Under the Google Webmaster Tools menu:

Health -> Index Status -> Advanced (tab)

Downloading the "Total Indexed" and comparing that against both the "Total Crawled" and the links in your sitemap should give you an idea of which were not indexed. You could use a file comparison application or spreadsheet to sort and organize the data accordingly.

I would suggest waiting a bit longer however as Google might still be crawling links outside your site or otherwise not finished.

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I can't see this "Health -> Index Status -> Advanced (tab)" menu in Google Webmaster Tools, there's a "Google Index -> Index Status -> Advanced (tab)" but it does not show a list of indexed url, but simply a graph. –  Marco Demaio Jun 9 at 10:47
@MarcoDemaio Things do change overtime...it's now called Google Search Console (instead of Webmaster Tools), "Health" is no longer a main link (it's "Google Index" now), and you can only download "Chart Data", which contains the number of pages indexed by date. The most common way to view indexed URLs is to use the site: operator, or tool that can scrape those results. –  dan Jun 10 at 2:15

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