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What are some services or technologies (free or paid) for

  1. Getting a static preview (like a screenshot) of my HTML pages (either local or remote) in many common browser/OS combinations like Firefox3/Mac, IE7/Windows, Safari4/Windows, etc?
  2. Actually interacting with a site on the internet through a something like VNC to a virtual machine running many browser/OS combinations?

for the purpose of verifying that it works right

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Somebody answered one of my questions posting a link to this website. Check it out. I'm not sure if there's a service to preview interactions.

enter image description here

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Some of these may be outdated:


Cross-browser Preview

  • browsershots.org
  • IE NetRenderer
  • Spoon Browser Sandbox
  • Webdevlab Screenshots (Browsrcamp)
  • Browsera
  • Browshot (API)

Cross-browser Testing + Browser Automation/Functional Testing

  • Sauce Labs (Selenium)
  • Adobe BrowserLab --> Edge Inspect
  • Scaleborn (Selenium)
  • Testing Bot (Selenium)
  • Browserstack Live


Cross-browser Preview

  • superpreview
  • IETester
  • IE Tab
  • Multi-Safari

Cross-browser Testing + Browser Automation/Functional Testing

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You can use this website for testing : http://crossbrowsertesting.com/

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