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I've read around in the past that Google frowns on all caps like "THIS IS MY WEBSITE". But, I wanted to know if they also frown upon capitalized words in general, like in a case like where a name is supposed to be completely capitalized.

Like if a brand had explicitly established itself as all caps because of general words that it may be composed of.

Example: "THE SUN" rather than the typical saying in sentences: "...the sun..."

<title>THE SUN - Content, Word & More</title>

Does Google punish for specific capitalization like this, or is only for excessive usage and sentences?

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All caps might be rude in chat, but I see no reason why Google would care in web page content or title links, etc. Can you link to somewhere these suggestions have been made? – Octopus May 24 '13 at 20:14
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Google might associate all caps text chunks with low quality because it's a childish, unprofessional way to write. Avoid those.

You are fine to use capitalization with specific words, however, as it doesn't say anything negative about your writing style in general.

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Google says nothing about capitalization with specific words. Instead of it, it says about users' interest. If it is useful for visitors - make it and Google will respect your site.

Google says only about capital letters if URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K4TKJwvTu50

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