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We're seeing requests to our server with the literal [object] replacing the values where parameters should be. For example: http://example.com/users/[object].

I've found some suggestions that it might be something to do with IE9 but we can't quite nail it down. See this.

Has anyone else seen this behaviour? Have you managed to nail down what the problem is?

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The URL's you see in your log files are probably generated by a JavaScript coming from an old Internet Explorer.

In a modern browser, in JavaScript, if you convert an object to a string and if the Object.prototype.toString() is no not overwritten you obtain:

[object Object]

But in old version of Internet Explorer like IE8 you just obtain:


So the URL's you see are probably coming from buggy scripts running in old Internet Explorer.

P.S.: As Google search engine removes all special characters like [ and ], I use the SymbolHound search engine to find the answer to this question.

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