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What are some of the most popular tools for automatically cleaning up HTML code to its cleanest and most best practices rendition?

The only one I know is the venerable HTMLtidy.

Please see this for examples of best practices.

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Depends, there are several options and depending on your coding IDE. For example, Sublime Text has some really nice built-in coding cleaner and can be extended by a gazillion of plugins for probably every coding language out there.

Of course, there are several other cleaning tools out there, but honestly, I have yet to find one which brings clean results out of the box, since lots of coders out there don't quite follow the standards to the dot.

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If you mean automatically cleaning up your own HTML code, Dreamweaver has commands to apply formatting and clean up XHTML code, along with a W3C validation check.

Speaking of which, that uses the WC3 Markup and Validation Service, which allows for validation of a URI, uploaded file, and copy/pasting HTML code. The WC3 HTML Tidy Service will also cleanup your HTML.

Komodo Edit IDE has a number of formatting options and extensions (add-ons) that format and cleanup HTML, JS, CSS...and numerous other languages.

If you meant an automated script, there are a number of scripts and modules written for tidyp, like the popular Perl module HTML::Tidy

Here's a comparison of HTML Parsers, with HTML Tidy likely being the most popular, and used by the online WC3 HTML Tidy Service.

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