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I thought this was just webmaster taking it time to catch up but it has been there for weeks now and webmaster crawled as recently as 16th May. I am being advised in HTML improvements the below but I changed the URL on the page from:

/ca​tal​og/​pla​nt/​con​cre​te-​pre​par​ati​on/ to /ca​tal​og/​too​ls/​con​cre​te-​pre​par​ati​on/

So I cannot see why it is still alerting me?

Pages with duplicate meta descriptions



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Both: /ca​tal​og/​pla​nt/​con​cre​te-​pre​par​ati​on/ and /ca​tal​og/​too​ls/​con​cre​te-​pre​par​ati​on/ are accessible and I can confirm but have the same meta description and same content which Google will not like. If /ca​tal​og/​too​ls/​con​cre​te-​pre​par​ati​on/ is the new page then you need to do a 301 redirect from the old page to that page. The old page should redirect and be inaccessible - Fix this and then Google will update ;)

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