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A (IPv4 Adresszeiger)
doc.domain.de.      IN  A   301 to domain.atlassian.net 
jira.domain.de.     IN  A   23.23.xx.xx 
domain.de.          IN  A   301 to www.domain.de    
work.domain.de.     IN  A   23.23.xx.xx 
www.domain.de.      IN  A   46.252.xx.xx    
CNAME (Canonical name)
source.domain.de.   IN  CNAME   bitbucket.org.  
test.domain.de.     IN  CNAME   domain.force.com.

Found this today at a customers domain settings.

Planning on adding Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools. Will there be any problems with this setup?

Could there be any problems with all these confusing redirects? 46.252.xx.xx is the webspace host.

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Google analytics shouldn't care that the IP addresses are different for different subdomains, or even that it is using DNS CNAME vs A records.

You may have issues with:

  • Putting your analytics tracking code onto all of those servers. The software running each subdomain will have to be able to serve up the analytics code.
  • Tracking domain.atlassain.net since that isn't a subdomain, but rather on a totally different top level domain.
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