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Are programming sites not getting AdSense approval?

I have a site with few articles. I intend to write more, but I looked around on the net and found out that programming and coding sites are not being accepted anymore. Is this true?

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I was unable to confirm that programming sites were ineligible for Google Adsense from the searches that I did. Where did you discover the information that leads you to believe this? Please provide links by editing your question. – Stephen Ostermiller May 14 '13 at 10:20
You can read Google Adsense program policies. – Zistoloen May 14 '13 at 11:19
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I'm IT student. When I'm doing my assignment I used google for codes and programming. I found many websites and in those websites I could view the Advertisements too. For example http://tutorialspoint.com/ in this website I saw the advertisement by adchoice. Look at this website http://www.cquestions.com/ there are full of ads at the starting. Google will approve adsense, only if there are more contents in your page and site ratings.

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If your website is all about programming codes, then it might be a hard task getting an Adsense approval. Instead, if your website is all about various programming practices, tips, advices, or even a knowledge base, it shall get approved soon.

Read through the Adsense guidelines to get an idea.

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