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I am looking for an Open Source solution to monitor my web sites' performance over time.

More specifically, I am looking for something I can run on a server that will (on a continual basis) monitor page load times including all assets. Something similar to webpagetest.org, but that will provide graphs over time to display sites performance.

Now I realize I could build a solution using jMeter and Jenkins to run on a regular basis and provide me with this information, but that seems clunky, and I see jMeter as more of a load-testing tool and not a site performance analysis tool.

Also I have experience with Nagios, Graphite, and Collectd, but I haven't been able to find any plugins that will load all assets, only HTML response times.

I have to believe something like this exists, but my google foo is failing me.

Similar Commercial Solutions:

Thanks in advance,


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