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My client's domain, www.daccusa.org, is hosted at inmotionhosting.com. They tell me though, that the domain itself, is not.

I've spoken with two different customer supports at inmotionhosting.com and they both tell me two different things. One says "I have to get in touch with www.joker.com" and the other one tells me that "I have to get in touch with webhosting.dk".

According to my whois search, the registrar is Joker and the name-server is Webhosting, and according to the control-panel over at joker.com, I don't have any domain registered, but I can however login with my information (e-mail and re-generated password).


I want my domain transferred to inmotionhosting.com - which one (Joker/*Webhosting*) should I ask for the transfer?

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You'll need to talk to Joker, or "CSL Computer Service Langenbach" (thats the company listed in the Whois as the registrar). It could be that the domain was simply registered under a different account that you don't have access to.

The nameserver provider basically just "points" your domain to the proper IP addresses.

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Thanks, I've contacted Joker.com in the hopes of a proper respond and service. – Frederick Andersen May 1 '13 at 20:52
Good luck. Transferring domain registrar's can be a real SOB just because it's basically free money for them. Here's hoping they make it easy for you :) – nathangiesbrecht May 1 '13 at 21:26
Thanks a lot, Nathan! – Frederick Andersen May 1 '13 at 21:49

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