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A client (who is not in the music business - dentist) wants me to put background music on his website.

Even this is kind of a duplicate of Music on a web page? i would like to assemble a list of actual arguments to use with these kind of clients:

  1. Discretion: While surfing in a quite enviroment (office) you dont want attention drawn to you by making noise

  2. Taste: Someone might dislike the style of the music played

  3. Accessibility: A deaf person is discriminated

  4. Accessibility: Someone might not have a speaker connected

  5. Resources: Additional Data must be downloaded and slows down the site

  6. Distraction: The music might distract from the content

  7. Cost: You have to license the music

  8. Unexpected: Someone might have turned their speaker to maximum.

  9. Incoherence: There is no connection to music on the site.

  10. Force: You might force something on a user that was not expected or maybe wanted.

Are there more reasons?

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This isn't a good fit for the Q&A structure of this site. Please see the FAQ. Having said that, "*&!# annoying" seems to cover most bases. – w3dk Apr 30 '13 at 8:40
Turn up to your meeting with a ghetto blaster playing something annoying. When they ask you to turn it off you have made your point. :) – JamesRyan Apr 30 '13 at 13:47

First result in Google when searching for "why not to put music on a website" returns me this gem from SEOmoz:

How to convince a client their site doesn't need music

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