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I have this afternoon created a Content Experiment in Google Analytics with the object of directing users to a specific page 25% of the time.

So my attempt to do this was to create an experiment that evaluates bounce for 50% of visits. With my understanding that Google balances visits between your variations this would mean if I had two variations (Original and Variation 1) it would go to:

Original - http://www.ayrshireminis.com/?dev=desktop (25% of the time)

Variation 1 = http://www.ayrshireminis.com/?dev=tablet (25% of the time)

(actual domain protected for security reasons)

What I am finding is that when I am on a tablet device, I am seeing ?dev=tablet&utm_expid=62701872-2 in the URL and Apache access logs, but i'm never seeing an attempt to go to ?dev=desktop - and that I cannot understand.

In GA, I get this:

Desktop site:
Experiment code not in section.

But also it does say:

Note: If you're sure that the pages are properly set up, 
you can still start the experiment.

...and when I view the source on the desktop I can see the JavaScript code that Google provide.

Basically, my object (and reasoning) here is that I only want tablet users to visit the default tablet site 25% of the time, and the rest of the users will see the desktop site (?dev=desktop).

Would this suggest an issue with my code or with the configuration of the Content Experiment?

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