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I've found many a common question but unfortunately none of them really directly answered my inquiry, below is a copy paste of the info I am provided by xname.org I've replaced my .com with blah.com, my email with blah.yahoo.com, and my IP address with

    $TTL 86400 ; Default TTL
    blah.com.       IN  SOA ns0.xname.org.  blah.yahoo.com. (
                    2013042110  ; serial
                    10800   ; Refresh period
                    3600    ; Retry interval
                    604800  ; Expire time
                    10800   ; Negative caching TTL

    $ORIGIN blah.com.
                IN      NS      ns1.xname.org.
                IN      NS      ns0.xname.org.
                IN      NS      ns2.xname.org.
                IN      MX  10  blah.com.
    blah.com.           IN      A

    www.            IN      CNAME       blah.com.

So blah.com works but www.blah.com doesn't. I initially tried to put just plain www for the cname, but found some reference to adding the trailing dot to it. The other uncertainty I have is whether the blah.com in "x in cname blah.com" should have its trailing dot or not.

I know this should be obvious, and perhaps even easy but I cannot find an answer to this anywhere, I did find some solutions suggesting I put www.blah.com as an A listing pointing to my IP but if I can help it I'd prefer only have my IP listed once as it's a dynamic IP and the fewer places I need to update it when it changes the better.

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You've added the domain.com. with the dot on the end which is fine but as far I I'm lend to believe there should be no dot after www have you tried removing it? – Simon Hayter Apr 21 '13 at 18:23
Yes, my initial setup didn't have the dot after the www and still would not resolve for http://www.blah.com/ – Varyl Apr 21 '13 at 18:25
When you DIG or NSLOOKUP www.blah.com, what is returned? Is it possible it is resolving to the correct IP but the webserver isn't responding to that alias? – Mere Development Apr 21 '13 at 21:43
So when I try to resolve the ip of blah.com it works, but www.blah.com it doesn't.. – Varyl Apr 22 '13 at 0:46
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So I finally managed to resolve this after playing with many things, what finally did it was adding:

                IN      MX  10  www.blah.com.
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