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Can I know how many websites/Blogs are linking to my website? Is there any free tools? Can I use with google.com too?

Can I use also with google.com link:www.mysite.com ?

What is the different between Link:www.mysite.com and url:mysite.com ?

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A common tool used for this is Yahoo Site Explorer, almost all the tools that will give you this information use it's API.

One such tool is Spyglass SEO for example, free to try, download from CNET.

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There are several methods to find inlinks; these are the best three that I'm aware of:

  • Search for link:yoursite.com in Google, Bing and/or Yahoo. This is the quickest way to see links. In Yahoo will redirect you to their site explorer which is quite nice.

  • Sign up for Google Webmaster Tools where you can see links to your site and other goodness. Usually you will get more links here than through the link: query.

  • Open Site Explorer tends to show the most relevant links. Basic list is free, however, you need to pay a lot of money to see more than the top 25.

Regarding your latter question, there is no url: search that I'm aware of. You are probably thinking of site:. The difference is link:example.com finds all pages linking to example.com, while site:example.com shows you all the pages on example.com (that the search engine has indexed).

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He might be thinking of the inurl operator, which searches for the term specifically in the URL. Not useful for backlinks though. – Lèse majesté Nov 1 '10 at 16:18

You can get some information on inbound links by logging into Google Webmaster tools and choosing "Your site on the web" > "Links to your site"

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MajesticSEO is what I use, if you verify your domain with them they will give you all the link data for your site for free.

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