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I have a static HTML based site.

Server automatically pulls the index.htm as the default page. Fine.

I just installed WordPress in the root: But .com/index.php is redirecting automatically to .com/index.htm.

I need to be able to see both index.htm (as main page for current site visitors) and index.php for my work on the theme and new WordPress pages.

Also, when I do the .htaccess: DirectoryIndex index.php index.htm.

I am then able to see the WordPress .com/index.php but then can no longer see index.htm as the site then defaults to the index.php.

How can I see both index.htm and index.php at the same time?

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This normally simply works out of the box by not having a RewriteRule or DirectoryIndex for the root of either site. If it does not for you, you will have to provide the contents of your .htaccess.

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Yeah, thats exactly what I thought, but when I opened the htaccess file it was blank... Meaning, the default was a blank htaccess file. – Justin Apr 7 '13 at 23:07
It works that way here on my own server. Would this be on shared hosting? There is most likely a default .htaccess file somewhere else and settings are inherited. Look at parent directories if they are accessible to you. On some service provides, you have a control panel interface which lets you change similar settings. – Itai Apr 7 '13 at 23:29

Why don't you put your current static page in the home.php file of your WP theme? This way it will be shown when somebody types yourdomain.com. At the same time, you can continue working on your WP theme. If you need a separate home page layout for your WP theme, you can create a page in WP (say, "Home") responsible for your WP home page, create a template file for it and test it under, say, yourdomain.com/home

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