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Does anybody have recommendations for good - but cheap - domain-registrars for the com, org or net domain? I'm not after hosting, just registering a few domain-names (unless there's a really good package-deal). Lower prices when registering multiple domains would be a plus. I'm after good personal experiences here...

PS: I am going to use the domain, either host them myself or get a web-hotel later... it's not just to register and park indefinitely.

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As a suggestion, you might want to do a search on retailmenot.com . I was able to get $3.95/month hosting with BlueHost (I know not what your looking for, but though to point it out) with a free domain registration as well.

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Why was I downvoted for this? -> They provided a domain registration service practically bundled in with hosting... – hawkhorrow Jun 22 '13 at 23:48

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