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I don't know anything about coding, but I really want to change the URL of my pages:

  • site/data/9/Symbian-3rd-Apps.html to site/symbian_applications.html
  • site/data/file/352/Core-Video-Player-Symbian-3rd--sisx.html to site/Core-Video-Player-Symbian-3rd--sisx.html
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This topic on Stack Overflow may be useful: how to change URL using .htaccess.

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The easiest way to change a URL in .htaccess is to rename the file to the new name and then put in command to redirect the old URL to the new.

So first your would rename site/data/9/Symbian-3rd-Apps.html to site/symbian_applications.html. Then you would put the following redirect rule in .htaccess (with your actual domain name rather than

redirect permanent site/data/9/Symbian-3rd-Apps.html
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