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How can I test web sites in IE10 on Mac?

Currently I am testing IE9 in VirtualBox with Windows 7 installed from Internet Explorer Application Compatibility VPC Image. I could not find similar image for Windows 8. IETester does not have IE10 eigher. Is there an easy way to test IE10 on Mac?


  • Install Windows 7 in VirtualBox from [Internet Explorer Application Compatibility VPC Image][3]
  • In Windows 7, go to http://www.modern.ie and download IE10.
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I believe IE10 comes for Windows 7 as well, these days. Check Microsoft's home page for details. – Prasad Mar 26 '13 at 7:53
Previously posted on Stackoverflow... Like this > stackoverflow.com/questions/15629142/how-can-i-test-ie10-on-mac (For minimal testing, you may wish to check out browserstack.com/test-in-internet-explorer as well). – zigojacko Mar 26 '13 at 9:00
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Microsoft provides lots of useful tools and virtual machines at modern.ie and they included IE10 too. All you need to do is going to that site and download the right one for your system.

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