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I am looking at my AwStats results and see 11% of my visits are from MS IE 6.

That sounds weird, and I would like to find out who it is. I suspect that if I can find a statistics package which shows IP address and browser version then I will see that all of those hits come from one IP address (or range) and I can try to figure out who and encourage them to upgrade.

I would like to recode my website in HTML 5, but can't do so if I have to spend the extra effort.

I could just detect the browser version and display some text encouraging browser upgrade, but would like to find out who it is.

Any advice? Thanks in advance

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Most web applications that run on your own server will do this for you.

Log Analyzers


Some Analytics platforms that do not need to run on your own server supports this such as Stat Counter, you can find many more in another answer I provided many months ago.

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I realy like statcounter. Thanks very much for the tip – Mawg Mar 25 '13 at 1:30

You could try Piwik which is a self-hosted Analytics package.

Another alternative would be to use Google Analytics and have a custom variable for each session, which is set by your server side script (PHP, et al).

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+1 Thanks, I will look into both options – Mawg Mar 23 '13 at 5:40

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