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I know you can reset an accounts password with WHM, but does any one know a way to retrieve an existing one?

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Sadly without running a brute force which I can't advise on you can not since cPanel is normally setup to use ProFTPD and PureFTP both of these servers used hashed passwords and they are not viewable in any form - if it's your server just reset the password.

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Ah thought it would be the case - thanks. If anyone's interested I found a sneaky way to view the password if you already have it saved in FileZilla but have forgotten it: export the Site Manager Entries as an xml, open in a text editor, search for the entry you want to retreive the password for – MeltingDog Mar 18 '13 at 0:31
Many FTP clients save the passwords in text form, and there is even software that reveals behind the *****. Nothing new m8 ;) – Simon Hayter Mar 18 '13 at 0:38

This should not be possible from a security point of view. The password should not be stored in a retrievable format. I have not heard of any issues with cPanels security in respect to passwords so I would assume this is impossible.

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