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We're looking at how our website is performing in Google and noticing that our "contact us" page is outperforming our "homepage" for a typical search which is product+geography.

widgets dallas
widget makers dallas
widget shop texas

The reason being that the "contact us" page has the "dallas" & "texas" in our address more prominently in its text. So Google is being perfectly logical in showing this page as a priority.

But the "contact us" page is far from the best page for our new customer to stumble on. It's not a bad page, it's just not the best page for a new visitor to come to first. Our homepage is where to find our best stuff.

Is there a correct solution to this problem? The obvious solution of stuffing more geographic keywords into our homepage feels a bit dirty (and anti-Google). Equally, making the "contact us" page more like our homepage is nonsensical. We don't want to detract from its job of providing "contact us" information to people who really need it, a job which it's currently doing fine.

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with no additional information about your page, how it's linked from other sources, how your linking structure and content is, what canonicals are set (or not), etc. every answer is going to be pure speculation... Maybe rephrase your question or add some examples so we know what we are looking at ... –  uberconversion Mar 13 '13 at 16:16
Please provide URL in question, I suspect its a bad off page SEO and over anchoring. –  bybe Mar 13 '13 at 20:11

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As you said, it makes sense to rank that way. You do not have to do anything dirty though and all you can do is to provide additional information on your homepage.

This happens often on sites where the homepage has lots of product images but not much text. You do not have to turn it into a contact page but provide more context and - to feel good about it - do so in a way which is nice and helpful to your visitors.

The orthogonal thing to check is your inbound links. If, for some reason, many more people are linking to your contact page, it will be tougher to change and you have to concentrate on getting links to the homepage.

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