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Is there a free API where I can pull whois data and server location data?

(similar to who.is)


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ARIN also has a RESTful WHOIS service you can access through their API.

+1 ... so long as you're not trying to pull down data for thousands of domains per day, ARIN's API should be perfectly sufficient. – danlefree Oct 29 '10 at 9:13
Arin service is only good for ips, not domain names. – user157195 Aug 28 '11 at 1:47

there is a whois xml api. do a google search for it. If you are looking for WHOIS for marketing (which is not allowed), then i would use a 3rd party. If you do too many whois requests from an ip, then whois servers begin to block you.

The xml services i have seen get around this.

This Whois API avoids ip blocks. 11000 requests per month are free. – Markus Malkusch Mar 11 at 12:26

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