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I have developed a silverlight application and would like to test it in a touch environment, so my question is are there any smart TV where I can show this application through their native web browser or do I have to connect a computer (with windows 7/8) to a touch monitor (in order to support silverlight)?

The TV monitor should be placed in a corridor and should be around 40 " big. 2 touch points are enough but 6 would not be bad either (but price is of concern here).

Of course it could be a all in one touch computer but these tend to be rather expensive when they have such a big screen (Microsoft table etc)

Sorry if this question is misplaced but didn't find any other forum that would fit this subject, if there is please let me know and I will correct the mistake =)

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Sadly most Smart TV's that can play many formats and install apps run on Linux, Microsoft have not released Silverlight for Linux and there is lite versions for Linux of Silverlight called moonlight but in all honesty its very limited and most things simply don't work.

Your best bet is to purchase a Windows Tablet or build yourself a Media Center PC for those screens and test your application that way.

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