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I am trying to follow the instructions at this Analytics help page, and I cannot find the "Apply cost sources" box required in step 7. Has this been moved? Is it still necessary to link my Analytics and AdWords accounts?

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Yes, it's been renamed. Click on Admin at the top, and then look for Custom Definitions, where you can upload this cost data.

Google suggests a better way to do this using the Adwords interface by Linking the Analytics Account and Adwords Account

I did try this with my two Adwords accounts and single Analytics account, and it works fine.

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You led me in the right direction, but Custom Definitions should not be used for importing AdWords data according to this page, which points to the instructions for Linking/Unlinking Analytics Accounts and AdWords Accounts. Feel free to edit the answer and I will accept it. – Micah Alcorn Mar 4 '13 at 19:04

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