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In the past, I have been relying on Superfish to build navigation on public sites.

Superfish is a solid plugin and is very useful when you need to support older browsers. However its intricated css is hard to customize.

Are there other plugins that offer drop-down navigation and would be easier to customize? At this point I wouldn't care if they don't support IE 6 or IE 7.

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There is hundreds to choose from and its impossible to advise you which one is the best since its down to your personal skills and preference. I have however left you a load of that you can choose from should you want to move away from superfish. Personally my advice would to move away from building sites using any of the below and move over to using a responsive framework that comes with such menus, not only does this mean your using HTML5 and better markups - it comes with the added bonus of being responsive. These frameworks are available in static and CMS form so your not limited.

Pre-Built Menus using jQuery and CSS

Create Your Own Menus

Frameworks with Menus

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Thanks for this selection! Right, there are hundreds to choose from, but the few I tried showed poor cross-browser compatibility (e.g. IE 8 support). I agree that I should move over to a responsive framework. – Christophe Feb 28 '13 at 21:19

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