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I am new in this SEO techniques. I created my website with this way:

  • When www.mysite.com is typed it will redirect to a non-www version mysite.com
  • One page HTML/PHP, no redirects or whatsoever
  • Used a jquery plugin that scrolls to a specific <div> when a button/menu is clicked.
  • My URL is constructed like this: mysite.com/#about and mysite.com/#contact-us

Is this SEO friendly? Because I noticed, whenever I typed the exact domain name on Google, it sees my website however when I do mysite contact or mysite about it doesn't see my website.

Why is that?

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The # is not helpful, since the # is demarcated at the client side (in fact I believe it does not even get registered in your normal Apache access logs).

If you want to use the same structure though, try incorporating semantic mark-up to differentiate the two sections.

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Thanks for the reply, what does this semantic mark-up mean? –  Leandro Garcia Feb 25 '13 at 10:42
It means using HTML tags which are not necessarily displayed but provide information on the structure of the page e.g <section>, <footer>, etc. –  Prasad Feb 25 '13 at 12:59

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