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I wanted to dive into learning some asp.net with C# and I wanted to know if anyone has had success with using Less or Sass? All I can find search wise is little bits of info and some suggestions with a ton of issues. I'd really like to find something solid on a successful site that has implemented Sass or Less, documentation, or a site that has a list of full issues and suggestions.

I have:

  • Google searched "asp.net and Less
  • Google searched "asp.net and Sass"
  • "asp.net successful sites with Sass"
  • "asp.net successful sites with Less"
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Here's some links you may find useful, I must mention that ASP.NET is by far NOT my strongest skill. You are more than likely to get a better answer from someone else but from what I've read I believe that most people use Dot Less CSS and use NuGet to add the package.

I've included many other links since your Goggle search wasn't the best for narrowing down results. Again I'll imagine you get a better answer than this but in the mean time while you wait here is some links to keep your mind busy ;)

Less Vs Sass

Less Links for ASP.NET

Sass Links for ASP.NET

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