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I have mydomain.co registered with Godaddy. In the zone editor I have the @ record pointing to my cloud server. I would now like to redirect mydomain.co/blog to a different server where I'll host a wordpress blog. I cannot figure out how to do this on Godaddy. All Godaddy support pages describe buttons that do not exist on my domain control panel.

I'm sure my question is a dupe, but I just can't find the original.

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This is probably the quickest and simplest method:

Create a file 'index.php' at mydomain.com/blog/index.php and put this inside:

header('Location: http://new-wordpress.blog/');

This will redirect all requests for mydomain.com/blog to the WordPress server.

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Nice one ionFish this could be useful for me too, using static sites on CDN are awesome but contact pages are the problem due to PHP with this code I should be able to redirect on the contact page! n1. – Simon Hayter Feb 14 '13 at 21:54

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